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Video To DVD Conversion For Your Childhood Memories

If you are like us, you probably have a few boxes piled high in the attic filled with dusty old video tapes from days gone by. Half of them will be fuzzy, a lot of them won’t have labels, a lot of the phootage will be shakey and out of focus, but all of these memories are ones that you will want to remember forever. The process of transferring your old videos to DVD format can be tricky for those of us that are not very technical minded, but luckily you can convert video to DVD by using a specialised service.

Video to DVD Conversion Services

If you’ve ever been frustrated by trying to transfer your VHS tapes to DVD, then chances are a conversion service is perfect for you. Video to DVD conversions are the most common, available, and cheapest option when copying VHS tapes to DVD. While it’s true that you can always get your tapes to DVD with some sort of special equipment, this is not the easiest or cheapest way to do it. video to dvd


Everyone has video memories, some of which are long gone and some of which never were. For many people, their VHS tapes hold endless, lost moments in their childhood. Chances are, those tapes contain some of your favorite memories. Perhaps, your dad’s favorite film, your first crush, or perhaps your favorite band. All of these can be captured on VHS and converted into a video format that can be burned onto a DVD for much less than buying each new release.  

The Home of VHS to DVD

Now, you might want to think that video to DVD conversion is impossible. Luckily, this is not true. Video to DVD transfers are now easier than ever, thanks to advances in technology. A DVD video to a DVD player is all the rage these days and a DVD to a VHS player is only a few years away. Betamax is the format of the future, as it makes transferring your video memories as easy as drinking a cold soda.  

Digital Video Recorders

In addition to video to DVD, other formats such as Compact Disc and MiniDV are becoming popular as well. These types of players enable players to simply copy their favorite video onto their disc, without having to worry about burning tapes, which is an added bonus. There are also companies who are focusing on digital video recorders. These are much smaller and more compact than their predecessors, making them perfect for home use.  

Micro Audio Cassette to CD or DVD

Now, if you own a mini dvd or an audiovox machine, then you can transfer your media directly to a mini CD or a standard CD using a compatible drive. This is one of the easiest methods and is very inexpensive. It requires an optical drive, an interface cable, and software that can read the mini’s micro audio cassette. The benefit of this method is that you can copy your media directly to your hard drive without having to worry about compatibility issues. However, this process can only copy one file at a time, so it is inefficient when dealing with large volumes of media. video to dvd