Gardening Tools Guide

A gardening tool is any among any number of tools designed specifically for gardening and often overlaps with the category of tools designed for horticulture and agriculture. Gardening tools can generally be divided further into manual tools and electric tools. Both horticultural and agricultural gardening require specialized gardening tools, for instance, a spade is not a typical gardening tool but rather a horticultural tool, and similarly a shovel and rake are generally used by horticulturalists and gardeners to dig up dirt and remove leaves, branches, stalks, weeds and other debris from their gardens. However, when it comes to digging up plants and trees or making small experimental gardens, all sorts of “spades,” “rollers,” “shears,” “carts,” axes” are used. gardening

The Essentials

For the majority of gardeners and farmers the principal gardening tools are the hoe, shovel, trowel, fork, and more. Some gardeners prefer to use a combination of those tools depending on the conditions. Gardeners and farmers also need to have a wide variety of other essential gardening tools for specialized purposes. One of those purposes is for planting. This article will discuss some of the more essential gardening tools you’ll need to choose proper planting tools.


The shovel, or spade, is one of the most important gardening tools that you will find in your garage or shed. A spade is a special kind of masonry digging tool that has a rectangular base and a flat top with a long handle. Often called a pitchfork, a spade has a broad top for embedding stonework dirt and other materials. The shovel has a metal handle so that you can use it without raising your foot off the ground as you do with other hand powered tools. shovel


Garden gloves are a necessary part of any vegetable gardener’s repertoire. Gardening gloves protect your hands from the heat of the vegetable garden and from irritating bugs. Many types of gloves come in the form of bibs that fit over the hands and cover the entire hand. Other types of gardening tools that protect the hands are gloves made from vinyl that fit tighter to prevent the fingers from being bitten by insects. All of these gardening tools are necessary for successful vegetable gardening.