Express Testing in Scotland: Things To Know Before Travelling To The UK

If you’re travelling to the UK from an area with a high risk of coronavirus outbreaks, you should consider getting a rapid test before your trip. Coronavirus tests are now available at most of the airports in the world. The Federal Drug Administration has approved the first COVID-19 antigen test, which is done by taking a sample of your saliva. The tests are similar to pregnancy tests, and the results can be found within 15 minutes. These tests don’t require special lab equipment and are relatively low-tech. Therefore, the demand for express testing in Scotland is expected to continue to rise. Although the government has issued a mandate for vaccination, this will put a strain on the supply chain. In the meantime, the need for testing is increasing, and the World Health Organization has repeatedly asked health agencies to prioritize the development of new tests. Coronavirus diagnostic tests are an essential tool for tracking the spread of the disease. Here you will find more info on the types of Covid-19 tests and where to get them.

What Type Of Test Do I Need, PCR Or Antigen?

When you purchase a Covid-19 test, you must first determine if you will be permitted to enter the nation to which you are going with this test. Most countries restrict access to citizens and residents, with specific exceptions. The majority of nations require a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) swab test for travelling. These are much more costly than antibody or rapid antigen testing, and the findings take longer to complete since they must submit them to a lab for examination.

Where Are The Cheapest PCR Tests?

The last time we checked, the cheapest express test in Scotland can be ordered online and performed in your home by yourself. But if you are looking for a testing facility, then Glasgow and Edinburgh airports were the cheapest sites in Scotland to offer rapid personal testing. There are plans to add 30 additional testing locations in the United Kingdom within the following months. covid-19 express test

What If My COVID-19 Test Doesn’t Come Back In Time?

Check with the flight or holiday operator to see if they’ll change your reservation. Jet airways would, for instance, waive the administrative cost for changing your ticket to leave up to ten weeks ago. However, Airline companies are not required by law to do so.  

What If I Have A Negative Rapid Test But Still Have Symptoms?

And if you experience symptoms but have had a negative test result from a rapid test, then the present suggestion is to get a PCR test instead, as it is more reliable but comes at a slightly higher cost.  It is also a relatively new tool and requires a higher level of expertise. The results are available within just a few hours after the initial test. covid-19 test


The express PCR test in Scotland, or any assessment worldwide, is neither a real fix nor a simple solution. Nevertheless, it plays an important role, with the other global health precautions like clear barriers and excellent hands and breathing cleanliness, in enabling us to keep low rates of COVID-19 infection. At the same time, they strive to reduce lockup limitations. Everybody in Scotland must play a significant role. You must be prepared to self-isolate for ten days in case of a positive result. The isolation implies no contact whatsoever with the outside world to avoid any spread of the virus.