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Bespoke Garages In Devon

If you are in Devon and you have a classic British property, the chances are that you have an old garage that we built some time ago. Many of the residents of Devon are realising this prime space that they have in their home and opting to revamp their old existing garage into a new bespoke garage. If you want to learn a few tips so that you can create your own perfect garage, then read on and start thinking about what you want to do with your garage space. bespoke garages

Creating The Perfect Bespoke Garages

Bespoke garages can do much for the appearance and character of your house. If you’re looking at purchasing a new garage , it’s important to note that a wood material is more durable than other materials. For example, fibreglass is durable and lasts for many years if it’s well taken care of. However, if you have a fibreglass garage, remember that it is not as weather resistant as solid wood. Furthermore, if you want your garage to look more attractive, consider repainting your wooden garage doors. This will not only give your door a more appealing appearance, but it will also make it more durable and easier to clean. bespoke garages

Garage Doors

In addition to the type of material your garage is made from, consider the kinds of styles you’d like to see. There are several styles available, including the tilt-up models, sectional garage doors, and the French door styles (i.e. the ones that swing up when opened). The more modern styles will offer sensors that will open the doors from a specific angle, so you’ll never miss a beat when coming home. garage door


One of the most common materials used in garage door installations is glass. These doors come in many different styles and designs, including those that are completely clear (and there are even some with UV protection), as well as those that feature tinted glass or windows. While you definitely can find doors that feature solid wood panels, there are even more interesting door styles that utilize panels made of various types of glass or wood with windows or tinted glass. For this reason, if you’re interested in glass panel doors, be sure to take measurements beforehand, so you can choose the right sized panels to fit your opening. One popular type of garage entryway that utilizes glass panels is the steel door. These doors are typically overhead and can be found in both residential and commercial applications. Typically, they feature fully insulated glass panels with either stainless steel hardware or powder coated steel hardware. They are typically available in two, three, or four-door widths, though you can generally find a smaller version if you shop at a smaller company. These are also typically available with a powder coating finish, though many companies do still offer unfinished steel doors.